Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Crafty Momma

Before I was a Momma, I was crafty. This pretty much started as soon as I could use scissors, glue, and paper. This love for art and crafts has followed me through adulthood as I continue to make crafts (albeit a little better than the ones from childhood). Not only do I love making crafts, I love finding new crafts to create. I like to take on new projects, sometimes too many. However, I've surprised myself at times with how wonderful some of my projects have turned out.

Now that I am a Momma, crafting has taken on a whole new meaning. I want to create everything I can for our new baby girl. Thanks to Pinterest, I've been inspired to make headband holders out of oatmeal containers, wall decals out of scrapbook paper, and I've painted quotes on canvases embellished with fabric flowers.

Check this page frequently for photos of my own crafts, as well as links to creative ideas for the happy crafter in you!

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